Summer School Student Experience!

From the 19th July to 30th July the International Field Archaeology School ran at our Hartygrove excavation site. It was a wonderful and enriching two weeks, with students from all over the world in different stages of their education coming together to work as a team and get excavating! We continued explorations in Trenches 1 and 2, as well as extending Trench 2 into Trench 4. Some exciting finds were uncovered during this time (keep your eyes and ears open for finds updates!). Most important during this two weeks however, were the experiences had by our International Students! Here are some quotes from our wonderful students:

It’s such a cool spot to be able to excavate. I really enjoyed finding the pottery and fitting the pieces together. We have gained a lot of experience!‘ – Thea, Norway

This was an unforgettable challenge in my University studies, and my favourite part was working as a team!’ – Iris, Hong Kong

‘Usually children say they want to be an astronaut or a princess or whatever when they grow up, so I wasn’t taken seriously when I said I wanted to be an archaeologist but look at me now! I was really serious!’ Selene, Switzerland

‘A precious opportunity! I have been given the opportunity to experience real archaeology which I don’t get at home so this is very precious.’ Neil, Hong Kong

‘This has been an opportunity to confirm my enjoyment of archaeology!’ Colin, Canada

‘I have loved the instructors, they are very informative, and of course my course mates!’ Gary, Hong Kong

‘I have found this whole experience very educational and to get actual digging experience is amazing. I have learned that even the smallest things can be the most useful.’ Jimmy, Hong Kong

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